Simple but not easy

When all the social minimalist lifessist lifestyle,”esploring taste seems to become another fashion to practice “simplification.”The brand” Tachia Master ,”using the tarofrom Dajia region as the main ingredient,is the top item of Li Xiang .It uses taro as the main taste, and bringing the domestic agricultural product on the international environment.

Precious Treasure of Dajia – Unique Fertile Alluvial Soil

A perfect combination of fertile alluvial soil, plenty of waters and ideal climate made Dajia an ideal heaven for growing a special premium Betel Nut Taro which is recognized as the best taro in the world. It contains very high and fine-grained, easily digestible starch with relatively subtle fibers and delicate texture. It has a naturally sweet, nutty and tinge of vanilla flavor while it tastes soft, rich creamy and smooth as silk when cooked.

Best Taro in the World – Dajia Betel Nut Taro

Great taste takes time. It takes 8 to 10 months to mature. When it is full-grown, it becomes fine-textured and contains more starch with a dense, soft, creamy melt-in-your-mouth texture when cooked. Also, the aroma gets richer and intense.

Simple but not easy

We believe that ingredient is the key to a ultimate flavor. That’s why we treat each ingredient with the proper respect and thoughtfulness. As the creator of Dajia lava pastry, from the very beginning of our journey back in 1990, our commitment to use premium quality ingredients and a patient process remains unchanged.